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18 April 2015: Kerry H. presented a murder mystery party, hosted by Pat S.

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As the most anticipated night in Hollywood, filled with theatrical super stars, the Academy Awards show is known to have its share of drama... and this year will be no different. Cue the contest for the "best lead actress" award. After 15 nominations, Dana Darling has made it clear she will do anything to finally walk away a winner. Dana's break-through role this year has lead many critics to report that she is the one who is Oscar worthy. But there are whispers that Angel Wood may steal the award...just like she stole Jada Broken's ex-fiance, Hunter Starr. With the Oscars marking the first time the feuding actresses, Angel Wood and Jada Broken, will see one another, it is hard to say if they will be fighting over their love interests or their career. Regardless, whoever is crowned "best lead actress" will have fought for the title.

Angel T

Angel Wood and T. Redd

Barbie JJ Jada

Barbie Doll, J.J. Scoop, and Jada Broken

Barbie T

Barbie Doll and T. Redd

Brady Vanity

Brady Comeback and Vanity Affair

  • Angel Wood - Aspiring Actress
  • T. Redd - Aspiring Rap Artist
  • Barbie Doll - Pop Star & Aspiring Actress
  • J.J. Scoop - Entertainment News Reporter
  • Jada Broken - Actress
  • Brady Comeback - Pop Star
  • Vanity Affair - Millionaire
  • Dana Darling - Hollywood Diva
  • Avery Scout - Talent Representative
  • Hobart Hughes - Director
  • Bobby Calling - Casting Director
  • Lola Talent - Latin Diva
  • Mario Talent - Aspiring Actor
  • M.C. Award - Award Show Emcee
  • Princess Pop - Pop Star
  • Steffi Wood - Actress
  • Hunter Starr - Pop Star & Aspiring Actor
  • Penelope Hughes - Director's Wife
  • Natasha Gibson - Young Actress
Dana Avery

Dana Darling and Avery Scout


Group photo


Group photo


Group photo


Hobart Hughes

Jada Bobby Angel

Jada Broken, Bobby Calling, and Angel Wood

John Vanity

John Strade and Vanity Affair

Lola Mario

Lola and Mario Talent

Mario Avery Bobby Jada

Mario Talent, Avery Scout, Bobby Calling, and Jada Broken

Mario Lola

Mario and Lola Talent

Mario Lola2

Mario and Lola Talent

MC Jada

M.C. Award and Jada Broken


M.C. Award


Princess Pop

Steffi Hobart Penelope

Steffi Wood, Hobart and Penelope Hughes


Steffi Wood

T Redd

T. Redd

Vanity Barbie

Vanity Affair and Barbie Doll

Mario Lola5

Mario and Lola Talent

Mario Lola3

Mario and Lola Talent

Mario Lola4

Mario and Lola Talent

The Victim

The Victim

The Victim2

The Victim

Brady MC Hunter

Brady Comeback, M.C. Award, and Hunter Starr

Dana Princess Brady

Dana Darling, Princess Pop, and Brady Comeback

The Verdict

The Verdict

Angel Avery

Angel Wood and Avery Scout

Avery Vanity

Avery Scout and Vanity Affair

Dana Brady Steffi

Dana Darling, Brady Comeback, and Steffi Wood

Dana Brady Steffi2

Dana Darling, Brady Comeback, and Steffi Wood


Group photo


Penelope and Hobart Hughes

Steffi Mario Hunter

Steffi Wood, Mario Talent, and Hunter Starr

T Redd2

T. Redd