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23 September 2023: Kerry presents a murder mystery party.

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It’s the 1960’s and the worldwide advertising scene is in its glory days. Ad men seem to walk on water and enjoy perks and luxuries that no other profession can match. Within the top companies, deceit and betrayal run rampant as the men play a real life chess game to advance their positions – both in-house and with competing companies.

The annual AdAge advertising convention is in town, drawing the best of the industry from all over the world for one week. Every hotel is sold out, as most advertising reps have brought their secretaries along for the week. But shortly after the convention wraps up on the first day, a horrific discovery is made at The Jury’s Inn Hotel: one of the top Ad Men in the world has been found murdered in his penthouse suite! Who killed him, why and how?

Shot in the Dark Mysteries

What a fun night!!

The Adman Conference at The Jury's Inn was a success! We found about all kinds of dastardly deeds, including multiple affairs, and even uncovered a murderer.

Our murderer turned out to be Judith Joyce (played by Melissa O.).

Our best costume was awarded to Bonnie Bunch (played by Julia R.).

We had a tie for best actor, between Charlene Schaeffer (played by Cindy J.) and Kenneth Newsome (played by Jeff T.).

Photos have been posted in the Facebook group.