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We had a semi-subdued meeting this month to discuss The Bullet That Missed by Richard Osman. It was the 3rd book in The Thursday Murder Club series and the scores were pretty tame. Not a huge amount of super high ones, but not a ton of super low ones. Kind of middle of the road. Which probably explains the subdued discussion.

The scores were (this includes 3 that were emailed to me): One 10 (rounded up for Sharon Long because I rounded down for someone else), Two 9s, eight 8s, four 7s, six 6s, one and 5.

Many of the criticisms were exactly the same. First, Joyce bugged us. And when asked the authors question of which character we would least like to be stuck in an elevator with, Joyce’s name came up several times. For the character we would most like to be stuck with, Bogdan came up for many of the females.

The next criticism was related to the plot. It seemed like the author was all over the place. It reminded me of this quote: In every partnership, there is a person who stacks the dishwasher like a Scandinavian architect and a person who stacks the dishwasher like a racoon on meth. The author was a tad bit "racoon on meth" with all of the side stories going on in this book.

It was mentioned that the series is a very character driven one, and I think that is why it still got a lot of decent votes. We love the characters (yes, even Joyce). And speaking of Joyce, I, for one, am interested in reading Cannibal Blood Bath (even if she renames it) when it comes out. And also, the Christmas party quiz question for this book came out of the discussion of Joyce drugging The Viking, but I can't reprint it here or the people who study before the quiz will see it.

This book introduced some great side characters and we loved both Viktor and the Viking. Chances are, at least Viktor will be in the next book (he talked about wanting to live at Cooper’s Chase). We think that if the author continues to add side characters that continue on in subsequent books, we will have way too many characters and side stories. See aforementioned racoon on meth.

It’s unclear if the next book will make it to our reading list. Not necessarily because we don’t want to read it, but it comes out in September and many people can’t wait for book club to read it – which means they probably won’t vote for it if they’ve already read it.

To sum up the discussion, we love the characters. The book was an enjoyable, easy read, and was very funny. We just thought the plot was a bit thin and not as clever.

We did have a lot of people say that this was the worst in the series so far and #2 seemed to be a fan favorite, since #1 had a lot going on like this one. But then we also had a couple of people who thought this book was the best in the series. Jay called this one The Book That Missed.

We talked about the book being optioned by Spielberg for a movie or series. Susan found a website that lists some of the fan favorite actors to play the characters. Here is the link:

The Thursday Murder Club Fan Casting on myCast

Alan the Dog

We also need to clear up any confusion once and for all. THIS IS ALAN. He is a dog! Although even Joyce mentioned misgivings as to his name. An excerpt from The Man Who Died Twice: “We looked on the rescue center website, and you should see the dogs, honestly. There is one called Alan I have got my eye on. “Indeterminate terrier,” according to his profile. You and me both, I thought when I saw that. Alan is six years old and they say you mustn’t change their names, because they get used to them, but I won’t call a dog Alan, whatever pressure I am put under.”

Apparently Joyce caved!

Nicole R. recommended a TV show called Deadlock, prefacing it with the comment that it’s quirky. There was also a lot of discussion about a show called Traitor. Apparently the UK ones are better and use regular people where the US uses reality “stars.”

Next month we’re ready No Plan B by Lee Child and Andrew Child. We haven’t read a Jack Reacher in awhile. This one apparently takes place in Colorado, so there is that. If this is your first time with a Reacher book, please don’t feel like you have to catch up on reading the rest of the series. They’re fairly formulaic and there isn’t a ton of backstory that is necessary. Treat it as a standalone.

Last chance to RSVP for Game Day on August 13 from 1-4 pm at Enchanted Grounds.

I have also sent the local members an invite for a Murder Mystery Party at my house on the evening of September 23. RSVPs are due by August 30 for that.

Otherwise, I will see everyone on August 28 for the next book club.