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4 June 2022: Kerry hosts a murder mystery party.

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Ten years ago, a group of teens went out to an island for a party – an island rumoured to be haunted. What happened that night has tormented them ever since.

And one...never returned.

Suddenly, a decade later, an invitation arrives from someone thought long dead...

Now, they have to return to the Haunted Island where it all took place

At the request of a dead man

But when the guests start dying one by one

Those left standing have to find the killer or killers

Or they could be next!

Dare to return to the Haunted Island, where every corner holds a clue, and every shadow hides a secret. Can you unravel the mystery before the killer ends you too! Gather your bravest friends and find out who among you can outwit death and uncover the truth buried ten years ago.

Rediscover fear. Rediscover mistrust. Rediscover the Haunted Island.

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