Crime & Beyond Wiki

Another great year, another fun night with the book club. Let me first say a great big, giant, huge, colossal thank you to everyone for my Christmas gift. Not only do I love attending murder mystery dinners, I love having a weekend away and Ray and I plan to check out the Ouray and the Walsenburg ones to choose the one that sounds the most fun (although you really had me at train theme, so that one is at the top). You guys are the best, and I totally appreciate your thoughtfulness!!!

Thank you to everyone who made the trek to Denver for the party. We had FIVE Crime & Beyond Party newbies, so the initiation took longer than usual, but we got it done. For Kelly, Emma, Julia, Melissa, and Susan, the ash on your forehead shaped like a magnifying glass should have faded. If not, a little alcohol will take it off. You can also remove the bandage from your arm. The knife wound from the blood oath should be healed by now. Paige, thank you for providing all the cloaks, I dropped them off at the dry cleaners under your name. I got a few looks from the guy at the counter.

If you’re expecting these meeting notes to contain any mention of the book, you will be disappointed. We didn’t talk about it. Between the Secret Santa, quiz, gift exchange, and book exchange, we just ran out of time.

Speaking of Quiz, we had a 3 way tie this year for 11 out of 12 points. The winners were Allie, Jeff, and Nicole. Well done, my questions must be too easy, I’m going to have to work on that.

According to bartender Ray, Chocolate Martinis were back in style this year. You just never know what’s going to be a hit.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, thank you for celebrating with me. This is my favorite party of the year and I love this group!