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It almost time to meet to discuss The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman. We will meet Monday, July 25 at 6pm at the Lone Tree Library. Kim is bringing a snack.

It’s taken me so long to get to these meeting notes because the Colorado Boomerang Group has been very active. We decided to take on those people who leave poop bags on the hiking trails, but it’s been a harder task than we thought. We’re still working on it.

So the Boomerang Group, Colorado Chapter, got together in June to discuss The Match by Harlan Coben. Here’s what we thought:

Hamster gave it an 8. There were fresh characters, story twists, and current subjects.

Otter gave it an 8. It was entertaining and Harlan Coben is always a good read.

Lion gave it a 6. It was entertaining, but left too many loose ends.

Frog gave it a 6. It was slow at first, and entertaining on the whole, but there were lots of unanswered questions and plot holes.

Prairie Dog gave it an 8. Unlike Frog, Prairie Dog thought it was quick at first, and didn’t like the modern topics that served as the plot.

Dolphin gave it a 7. Great characters, liked the Boomerang Group.

Elephant gave it an 8. Liked it a lot and read it in one sitting.

Porpoise gave it an 8. Harlan is great, but Wilde not so much. Porpoise didn’t like that we didn’t find out the verdict in the court case (one of the loose ends previously mentioned).

Hummingbird gave it a 7. It was an easy read and liked the cute things like PB&J for the reality star team.

Tortoise gave it an 8. Loved the book, loves Wilde, and likes Hester.

Goat gave it an 8. Loved the book and characters, but there were plot holes. Didn’t like the no verdict ending. Liked seeing the trolls taken down.

Manatee gave it a 7. It was too all over the place, but liked the characters.

Cheetah gave it a 9. It was a quick read, lots of twists and turns. Didn’t let the complicated DNA discussion bog down the book.

Cat gave it an 8. It was sloggy at first and Cat doesn’t buy Witsec. Lots of holes.

Penguin gave it an 8. Enjoyed the book and characters. Didn’t let plot holes get in the way.

Narwhal gave it a 7. Mathy stuff bad. Harlan Coben good.

Polar Bear gave it a 9. It was a fast read and a bummer about the father discovery at the end.

Octopus gave it a 7. It was well written.

That was all of the scores for those present. Someone recommended the book The Island by Adrian McKinty. I put it on the list for next year’s book vote.

See you on Monday!