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17 August 2019: Kerry presents a murder mystery party.


A rich man with a series of affairs, a controversial will and a stash of uncut diamonds… it was only a matter of time before he got whacked!

He’s one of the world’s richest men and he seems to have it all. But on the night of a dinner party at the Getty Estate, billionaire Samson Getty is found strangled in his study! The entire household, plus a few uninvited guests, are quickly named suspects. Why would anyone want to kill Samson Getty? Was it his philandering, his stash of uncut diamonds, his controversial will? Only one thing is for certain: secrets long-buried will be revealed, and not everyone is what, or who, they seem.

It was great to get ourselves back on track for the annual Crime & Beyond Murder Mystery party. I think next year we'll have the party in the fall so we can be more comfortable going outside too.

Everyone did an excellent job at following the play rules and playing their characters. I was impressed that Jeff joined a gym and worked out hard to get ripped to play the pool boy. I loved Jose's tray prop. We had quite a few murder mystery virgins and everyone really got into the game and dressed their parts.

A correction on the person who solved the mystery. I read the solution sheet name "Amy" and assumed Amy B. had guessed that I was the murderer. It was, in fact, the character Amy, played by Pat. No one guessed that Allie's character and mine colluded to kill my husband, and her lover. This was a harder one to solve.

I'd love to get any feedback you have on the event. I am always looking to improve on the experience. Feedback from the last event led to adding walk on characters (those who don't want a part but wanted to come and play the game). So all comments are appreciated.

Until next year, and another murder...