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Hello all,

Let me first say a great big thank you to everyone for my Christmas gifts! I can't tell you how excited I am to help Sherlock Holmes solve his most difficult cases. I already received his first letter and the game is afoot. You guys are the BEST!

Wow, the holidays are finally over. I love them when they're here but I am also glad to get through them and see things calm down. Thanks to everyone for making the Christmas party so much fun!

We did discuss the book, and I won't go into too much detail since it's been ages since the party, but it wasn't quite as good as we had all hoped (me included). People thought it was just ok, hard to get into, and cheesy. I have more notes, but since I wrote them after 2 martinis they are a bit hard to read. What can you do?

More importantly, a quick update on Sharon Klein. Here is an email she sent me to share with the group:

Hi Kerry and Bookclub Peeps,

Loved all the good wishes, kind get well messages, and even the jealous people who wanted my drugs (you know who you are)! I never realized how much it means to feel included and be in the receive such fun messages, good banter, and expressions of love. Loved the Video from the Xmas partygoers...brought tears to my eyes...That huge get well card was so fun!

And finally the swag bag that I thought I would miss ...(hence the tears)! Thanks, Amy, for bringing it to my home. And all of you whom/who I call friends! 😍💜😇🦵😂🦵🥰

And thank you, Kerry, for creating such a Fab Bookclub!

Sharon is back in Colorado and on the mend. The last time she checked in she was walking with a cane and healing nicely. I hope we see you at the book club next week, Sharon!

Speaking of book club, we will be meeting next week, January 27 to discuss Jane Harper's Force of Nature. I will lead the meeting and Heather is bringing a snack. Heather, please let me know if anything changes. Otherwise I will see everyone next Monday.

Thank you all again for my wonderful gifts!! See you next week.