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Hello all,

A great big thank you to Denise and Dennis for not only leading the meeting, but bringing the snacks and water. I really appreciate you both taking over while I was gone.

D & D also gave me a list of your scores for the book, which I have shared here. I wondered how Ms. Ware would do on this one.

Book Scores for The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware

Jay - 7.5 Slow start, big interest in middle

Kelly - 6 Enjoyed, made Hal a believable character. Overcame alcohol

Sharon - 6 It took too long to figure out Ezra was father

Pat Strade DNR

Mehrnaz - 6 No comment

Stephanie - 5 Did not like, wrong era, “Why did they not go out for dinner?”

Chris - 6 “Better than Cabin 10”!

Gail - 8 Liked it!

Kim - 8 Liked it!

Christine - 6 Some things were out of time period!

Allie - 6.5 Did not use alcohol

Jeff - 7 Liked it, glad Hal was granddaughter, loved the old Victorian house, I lived in one in Indiana growing up

Amy - 4 Did not like it, felt stole ideas from other books, not original enough

Denise Led Discussion - 8 I liked this story, loved the spooky house, Mrs. Warren was creepy, could relate to the old Victorian house, because I lived in one in Indiana growing up.

Dennis - 6

Kerry's commentary: ok, is this a typo or did Denise AND Jeff grow up in a Victorian house in Indiana?

Next month we will meet to discuss Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. Kerry is leading and Allie is bringing snacks.

See you then!