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Well, we tried another domestic thriller last month, and we got an interesting discussion out of it. We met in February to discuss Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris. This is the author’s 3rd novel and the first time we’ve read her in Crime & Beyond. Here’s what everyone thought:

First the bad...

Denise thought it was like a bad fairy tale and Finn was a weak man-boy.

Dennis said the story really fell apart at the end.

Tammy proclaimed it the worst investment she’s made so far in 2019 (poor girl bought it in audio AND Kindle).

Allie was grateful that it was under 200 pages, but slightly less grateful when we told her it was more like 304 pages (we’re still not sure what happened there).

Connie felt that there was low character development and she didn’t buy the misdirection.

Amy thought that Finn had too many feelings.

Gail felt it was a quick read but that she didn’t like any of the characters.

Christina hated the ending and found Finn irritating. She did like the dog, though.

Chris thought it was whiney and fell apart at the end.

Stephanie would not have come to the meeting except that she was in charge of snacks. Her new title for the book: “Take Me Back….to when I hadn’t started this book.”

Cindy liked the beginning but thought the dolls were creepy and the story just got too crazy.

Kelly didn’t like the book, she felt it was worse than The Woman in Cabin 10.

Terri was kind of torn and didn't love it.

Now for the good...

Kim liked it and thought it was a fast read.

Jay also enjoyed it and said it was a fun read.

Raj thought the dolls were spooky (I wasn’t sure if this was a good thing, but I chose to interpret it as such).

Leslie was surprised at the ending – she thought Finn was guilty and Tony was trying to trip him up.

Jose really enjoyed the book and pictured it like a Hitchcock story in his head.

Pat thoroughly enjoyed it and didn’t guess the ending.

Jeff liked it. He read it in 2 evenings and followed all the red herrings on their fishy, misdirected paths.

I was entertained, but really liked the author’s first book the best, Behind Closed Doors.


Thank you to Stephanie for the British snacks to go with our British read. The scones were awesome!

Next month we are reading The Dry by Jane Harper. I won’t be at the meeting but Jose will lead the discussion (and hopefully take some notes for me) and Kelly is bringing snacks.

Have a great meeting and I will see you in April.