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It was an epic Christmas party for Crime & Beyond this year. We had a record number of people and perhaps TOO many books to exchange. Duly noted for next year!

We welcomed a lot of our new members at their first holiday festivities and many of them jumped right in, stealing gifts like pros. Terri, who I think had the record for most things stole FROM her, was a good sport. Next year we may put her chair right by the gifts, we don’t want her to have to keep getting up and crossing the room.

The time-sensitive, simple Crime & Beyond Holiday Party Recap:

Books were exchanged. Many were stolen. We all laughed. A lot.

We had a quiz. It was hard. There was a tie. There will be another. Better study.

A book was discussed. It wasn’t loved. We moved on.

Jeff went gourmet. There were no Oreos. Kerry was bitter.

Drinks were made. Drinks were consumed. Kerry was not bartender.

Food was brought. Food was eaten. Pounds were gained.

Jeff brought a bag for his loot. Jeff filled the bag. We all love Jeff. Sort of.

Happy 2019 to all and hopefully it’s the best year ever! I want to sincerely thank EVERYONE for my murder mystery train gift certificate. I can’t wait to ride the train and experience the mystery – two of my absolute favorite things in the WORLD! I will definitely share photos and stories.

See you on January 28th when we will discuss David Baldacci’s The Fallen. Terri will lead and Kim will bring snacks.

In January we will also choose the next 8 books to read (March-October). Please post any suggestions in Book Movement. Deadline to provide suggestions is January 21 at midnight. Voting will take place at the meeting and I will send the choices a few days before for those who can’t make the meeting. Email me if you haven’t been invited to Book Movement.