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The English Spy by Daniel Silva

9 Points -

  • Pat - well written, action packed
  • Janine - book resonated with Janine when the scenes where set in Belfast Ireland. Loves Daniel Silva
  • Dave - likes the combined character of Gabriel Allon as an art restorer and killer

8 Points -

  • Chris - did not like the plagiarism and reference to Princess Diana
  • Gail and Kim - both liked the book

7 Points -

  • Jennifer - liked it and will read more books by Daniel Silva
  • Jay - loves Silva yet felt the beginning was contrived
  • Sharron - liked how the spies went underground. Negative aspect was too many characters
  • Dennis - 100 pages could have been ripped out
  • Denise - Reflective of current news. Enjoyed the setting of England and Ireland
  • Deborah - thought Gabriel's wife was charming

6 Points -

  • Cindy - all assassins end up killing each other. OK read.
  • Lorraine - Favorite character was Chiarra. The author used too many distracting statements.

5 Points -

  • Raj - Too many killings and too many characters

Slap Awards Go To: Gabriel Allon by Raj, Denise, and Jeff
Slap Award to the character, Quinn - by Janine

Pat on the Back Award given by Deborah for the existence of a Safe House.