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So it just occurred to me that I never wrote the meeting notes from the party in December. Not much to say really, a great time was had by all, at least I hope it was. We actually read a book and even discussed it a bit. God knows where my notes are, so you’re not going to hear much about what people thought of A Man Lay Dead by Ngaio Marsh. I seem to remember that about half the people really liked it and the other half were like “meh.”

The party part was awesome, thank you again to everyone who contributed to my gift. I love everything! We had our usual gift, book, and ornament exchange. Also as usual, there was some cutthroat stealing. So much so that many of the items were retired from theft after changing hands 3 times. I think I need to come up with flags for everyone. When someone’s turn is up, I can say – hold up your flags if your book is still in the mix and prime for a steal. That might help us determine who we can rob, and might call out those people who sit on their books and pretend they’re safe – you know who you are!

Poor Jose had to listen to me yell all night to be heard over the crowd and to keep things on track. I’m pretty sure he’s now deaf in his right ear. I think we went longer than usual with the festivities this year, just too much fun to be had and not enough time.

We had lots of excellent food, everyone brought something really tasty and Ray and I ate leftovers for about a week, thanks to everyone who left their goodies with us. Thanks to Bob for his wonderful champers and chocolate port drink, that was really a hit.

We will meet on Monday, January 25 to discuss Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbø. Pretty appropriate for a January book while we still have snow on the ground, I think. I will lead and bring snacks that night. We’re back at the Lone Tree library at 6:30pm.

The next extra-curricular event will be the Murder Mystery Party in February. It will be held at Lorraine’s house in Northern Colorado Springs (about a 45 minute drive from the library) and spouses/significant others are welcome. Lorraine will be sending out a save the date very soon.

See you in a few weeks,


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