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Thanks to all who attended the May meeting. We started off with a telephone call to Lisa Black, the author of this month's book Trail of Blood. It was interesting to hear more background on the real Torso Killer case. She told us about the investigation, Elliot Ness's involvement and where she had to make some stuff up to fit with her plot in the book. We even had a few questions for her, which she happily answered.

I think the general consensus was that we specifically enjoyed the parts of the book that took place during the 1930's involving the Torso Killer investigation and the police corruption that was going on. There were some comments that the killer she chose for the present day murders was a little too convenient and that the father/son killer idea was a bit cliche. Personally I liked that he put the drug in the snow that he got her to put on his train scene. Whenever the killer tricks the protagonist into getting caught, I always ask myself: is that really possible? Would a person actually fall for that trick? Here I decided that I probably would have helped the guy with the snow too, even if I suspected him. Refusing to would seem rude if you didn't suspect him and might draw attention if you did.

I know I learned some important information that will come in handy whenever I decide to jump onto or off of a moving train. But I think the most important lesson we learned from this book was:

I don't care how nice the guy seems, don't touch the fake snow!!!!

At the meeting, we chose the books for the second half of the year. I will be sending that list out very soon. Terri and I are working to decide which month would be best to read each book based on availability.

There was only 1 copy of Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, so we decided to move Meg Gardiner's The Liar's Lullaby to June. They were all passed out at the meeting, so as soon as you're done reading, please return your copy to a librarian for someone else. Check with a librarian whenever you're at the library too, as more copies may come available during the month.

Since it appears that we may still have trouble getting copies of Gillian Flynn's book, we may change the July book. I will pick the runner up from the votes for the second half of the year. No promises, but I'm thinking we might be visiting our favorite tattooed Swede.

Have a great holiday weekend!