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Hello all,

We had a small group last night, only 8, probably because of Thanksgiving. The majority of us did like the book except for Roxanne who thought it was “dreadful”. The ratings were from 1 up to 8. We talked about the characters in the book, how weak some of the male characters were and about the twists in the book. Also about the TNT TV show Rizzoli and Isles and polygamy. It was great having Jose with us for the second month in a row. We all missed the cookie lady but did manage to eat the double stuff Oreos.

Kerry, you will be happy to know, we came up with 3 mottos from this book:

  1. 1 If you are driving in the mountains and there is a blizzard – TURN AROUND!
  1. 2 Don’t let the men run the show
  1. 3 Do not go skiing in Kingdom Come

We discussed next month’s after Christmas party if you will. Again, bring a wrapped book for the book exchange as well as something for the potluck.

Kerry a suggestion was made – we would like to make shrunken heads (i.e. The Keepsake) during the festivities next month as well. So, can you get on that for us??!!

See you all next month.

Happy Thanksgiving,