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2010.07.26 Meeting Notes

Great meeting last night. If you weren't there, you really missed a discussion. Not only that, you missed Sue's wonderful peach dish, made with a recipe straight out of the book. Thanks Sue, that was a great idea and oh so tasty.

I don't think I've ever seen the group so vocal about a book. Unfortunately, most of the vocalizations aren't fit to include in this email. Ok, so they weren't that bad, but the general consensus was not pro Michele Scott, Nikki Sands or the wine lovers mystery series. The highlights are: David forced himself to finish the book and showed up just to pan it; Meg kept all profanity out of her description, while still getting across her disgust; Kerry, Kim, Sharon and Kryss actually didn't hate the book (and even found some redeeming qualities); & Randy was the happiest member because he didn't spend the time to read it. The ratings ranged on the high end at 5 out of 10 and the low end with a whopping .35 out of 10. Yes, we can thank Judy for introducing the decimal system into that poll.

On a better note, we have some great rules to live by that came out of this reading:

1. Don't enter a room where the wine vats are fermenting without a gas mask.

2. Don't (or do, depending on your preference) use your wedding veil as a tourniquet when you're friend is bleeding to death.

3. DO make up your flipping mind about which guy you want to marry BEFORE the wedding.

and last, but not least:

4. If you want to keep a sexy Italian man on the hook and madly in love with you, don't sleep with him.

I KNOW we will have a better response for Ted Dekker, but am glad that we were able to break out of our comfort zone and try something different this month. It also gave us a reason to go to a wine bar afterwards for a drink. 6 of us chatted until after 10pm in Park Meadows, enjoying the wonderful weather on the patio. We'll have to plan that again soon. And just so you know, wine is always optional (I know some people aren't fans of the stuff) and just as many people enjoyed a soda as did wine. If anyone wants to put something on the schedule, let me know. Otherwise, I'll plan something soon.

Your fearless and competitive leader (Roxanne, that was for you)