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Hi all,

GREAT meeting last night and thanks to everyone who came. I love it when we have different opinions and lots to talk about. I don't think we came up with all the answers (woo) but I think we came up with quite a few. I've not kept up with my lessons from each book, and I will go back to the last book and create one, but here's what I have for a Brutal Telling:

If you're going to murder someone and hide the dead body in the home of your enemy, be prepared because he may just move the body back to your place.

Sharon is going to send everyone a new suspense magazine link, looks like there's a new issue & I'll let her tell you why you might want to read the articles and reviews.

As you all know, we only had one copy of The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker to hand out last night. I drew a name and Ann was the lucky winner (which was kind of poetic since just a month or so ago she didn't get a copy of the book in time). She promised to read as fast as she could and the library has informed me that 7 more copies are in the works. If you can get to another library to look for one, please do. Once the copies start to come in, I will email everyone.

Our August book is A Toast to Murder by Michele Scott. This is the book that Sharon won copies of and I have passed out all I had. Please send me a quick email if you didn't get one (and plan on coming to August's meeting) and I will arrange for you to share with someone.