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Great meeting last night to discuss 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs. Thanks to everyone who came and gave their two cents, how can you ever pass that up, right?

We voted for the next 1/2 year's books. Please get me your votes by the end of the day today if you weren't at the meeting or didn't email me already. Here is who already voted: Sue, Randy, Judy, Jeff, Janice, Kim, Jennifer, Ann, Kryss, Sharon, David, Gail and Meg.

Our next book is New Tricks by David Rosenfelt. We're out of books of course, so email me if you need one and I will put you on a list and, as always, when you're done reading please return yours and send me or all an email.

I think it was the group consensus that Kathy Reichs may be getting a little tired and formulaic in her writing. If you follow her books from the beginning and care more about the characters, it will add to the fun. But otherwise, you tend to get bored. Judy, of course is just plain disappointed in all of us (and you had to be there to get that joke).

I've decided that we as a group are really intelligent and problem solving and that at the meetings we seem to come up with a lot of good life rules. I've decided that I will email everyone after each month's meeting with that month's rule to live by & I think some day there should be a Crime & Beyond: Rules to Live By book in print.

April 2010: Rule to Live By

Never wander off into the woods when you're drunk and scantily clothed, or you may fall in a hole and die.

your fearless leader,