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Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who came to the discussion of The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. It was a great meeting and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount we had to talk about. This book was cozier than some of our others and I wasn't sure if we'd have a lively enough discussion. It helps when we have differing opinions, which we usually do. Without that, it wouldn't be as interesting.

I wanted to throw out the Murder Mystery Party dates as a reminder to those who were at the meeting and as new information for those who couldn't be there. We're looking to have the party on a Saturday and the dates to choose from are:

February 20th or March 6th.

It will be at my house in Highlands Ranch and I would guess it would start sometime between 5 & 6pm. Please email me your date preference and I will choose the one that most can attend. Since most of the mystery games are preset for 8-10 players, we're going to team up in twos (or threes for Kryss, Judy and John). We'll have drinks, food and fun - so I know you'll want to be there!